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Unfinished Bizznatch

by Misk Heavy Manufacturing Concern

Intro 00:46
Halimeda 04:15
Cigarette in one hand, a bird in the other Will you listen to me as I play you another You wear me out sometimes, I get in your hair The best we can do is try to fight fair With a cat in your arms and a fire in your eye We will make it work, I have to try You will find your freedom, you will be at last When you make the future forget the... Look at me, the tiny man inside Running to his doom It's not too late, it never is It's not soon enough
Electromagix 03:53
Interlude 00:53
Coaster 01:49
Froggy was a bluesman, but he wasn't great Wasn't at the Crossroads, 'cause the bus was late He didn't want the job, but he likes the pay Knocking someone down almost every day 'Cause he's a coaster And he says Got no sense of history and I don't care Don't remember nothing, 'cause I wasn't there Didn't want the job, but I like the pay Forget something new almost every day 'Cause I'm a coaster And I say Why do these things always happen to me Can't you see I'm busy Why... Can't you see I'm busy doing nothing Got a plan, I got a sound, I'm gonna fly Not getting any younger, but I'm getting by Didn't want the job, but I like the work Except that everyone is a fuckin' jerk
Spontaneity 03:29


Recorded VERY sporadically between 2005 and 2009. This was supposed to be longer, but the recording was TOO sporadic, feel me?

The cover picture was taken in Bondville, Illinois, on a sign for the church pianist's parking spot, of all places. The back cover collage features Dan as a baby.


released January 24, 2010

Richard Miske: guitar, bass, computer, vocal
Dan Miske: lead guitar


all rights reserved



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Misk was a thing I did with my brother a long time ago, mostly based on stuff I wrote an even longer time ago. I am doing other, newer things now as From Circumstances, as well as with The Autocorrect. ... more

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