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This is the "hidden track" that CDs are always having. I didn't hide it at the end of 17 minutes of silence, because I hate that kind of thing.

The words are from an interview with Marc Bolan of T. Rex, that was in this cheesy 70s rock book I found at the library.


Marc, there's a song on your album.

It's the shortest song in there, but it gives me such strength. The words came at me like cryptic messages, a few days ago when I really needed help to go on. I needed a sign that all we know is true, for at times we all wonder if we're just not totally made. The song's "Life's a Gas". I had just thrown a whole group of people out of my life. They hadn't learned, and they were draining me. I hated to get rid of them, but I knew I had to, and it would be all right but I was very down. I was very down.

One hour later I put on your record and heard, "It doesn't really matter at all, no it doesn't really matter at all, life's a gas,"

...and I felt my strength returning. Was I right? Marc's eyes lit up and the magic poured through with its blinding brilliance. "But of course! That's what the whole song's about! It doesn't matter at all. You must not let things matter. Things happen for a reason, and we can make them happen. We can make them happen."

"There is nothing about my career that is an accident."

We looked at each other and the understanding was total.

The understanding was total.

"It doesn't really matter at all, no it doesn't really matter at all, life's a gas..."


from Misk Heavy Manufacturing Concern, released December 24, 2004


all rights reserved



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