This would have been the first track on Unfinished Bizznatch (or whatever the final title would have been), and it even segues perfectly into "Electromagix". Cutting it was a bummer, but the bass part in the second half was just too rough (I only got around to barely cleaning it up in summer 2012).

For a while it was known as "BOLIVION!!!", which was a thing this childhood sort-of-friend would say at a certain point in a video game. This is made up of bits of songs I tried to do with an older band. They didn't congeal. Since Dan wasn't available, I tried to fill it in with weird noises. I don't even remember how I made them.


from With Very Little Help from My Friends, released July 10, 2012


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Misk was a thing I did with my brother a long time ago, mostly based on stuff I wrote an even longer time ago. I am doing other, newer things now as From Circumstances, as well as with The Autocorrect. ... more

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